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What to expect when you get your new Mattress

By Direct Bed Team March 06, 2019 0 comments

Just like you would need to break new shoes in, you must do the same for a new mattress. A mattress will eventually mold to your body shape for optimal comfort. It may take several weeks, so don’t be concerned if it doesn’t happen right away.

Your new mattress will need time to conform to your unique body impressions and become the perfect fit for you. The more you use your bed, the more comfortable it will be when it naturally adjusts to your body shape and size.

Here is what to expect when you buy a new mattress:

When bringing your mattress in new from the store

Make sure that you get some help when you are moving your mattress. Remember to carry it either flat or on its side, as you don’t want to bend it and damage the structure. Your mattress should be stored in a breathable bag until you are ready to set it on your bed frame. Make sure that both your mattress and base are appropriately packaged to ensure safe transport.

It’s also important to remember to properly dispose of all plastic and packaging and keep it away from children and pets – these things can be hazards if not taken care of. You will need to also dispose of the borders and labels. If you are not sure if you can handle the mattress on your own, have the shop deliver it and help you place it where it belongs so that you won’t need to worry about getting it done incorrectly.

Things that you will want to get

You will definitely want to get a good mattress pad to protect your new mattress. A waterproof sheet can be helpful for younger children’s beds as well. If you do not have a proper base or bed frame, you may want to consider investing in one to go with your new mattress. A base will support the whole thing and allow optimal comfort for you as you sleep as well. It will also protect your mattress from damage to the bottom and the sides.

Practicing good mattress maintenance

If you want your mattress to last you a long time while keeping your spine healthy and your nights restful, you should know how to properly maintain your investment. The label on the side of your mattress should give you cleaning instructions as well as the metrics and the weight limits along with any other information that you may need. You should follow all the instructions that come with the base when assembling it.

For proper maintenance, you will want to air out your bed without any sheets, pads, or linen from time to time to release condensation from your body heat. You can also vacuum your new mattress on low suction. Try your best to treat any spills and stains as soon as they happen so that it won’t leave a mark.

Every time you change your sheets, gently wipe down your mattress with a damp cloth, allowing it to dry thoroughly in the shade before you put fresh linens on. Do not saturate your mattress with water or cleaning liquids, such as laundry detergent or dish soap. When cleaning stains off from your mattress, avoid scrubbing it with a stiff brush, as this can only push the mark in even further and cause them to become permanent.

If you’re looking for a mattress that suits you & your home, Direct Bed is your best bet. We have a wide variety of top-shelf mattresses for you to choose from. Contact us today for more information.

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